HCR-16-161 Holiday Camp Shopping

This time of year, stores across the country are in fierce competition for your business. Many great deals can be found both in the stores and online. In this episode, Skip provides some wonderful camping gift ideas for friends and loved ones. We’ll talk about things to watch out for and how to better protect yourself from thieves who may be lurking in the store parking lots. Download

HCR-16-160 Expecting the Unexpected: When Your Credit Card is Declined

The last thing you want to hear when traveling long distances from home is that your credit card has been compromised. Identity theft can happen to anyone at any time. In this episode, Skip shares a recent experience that caught him totally off guard, and explains what he’s doing today to better protect himself when buying with credit, both on the road and online. Download

HCR-16-159 Halloween Camping and Spooky Destinations

During the month of October, many campgrounds across the country go all out to host Halloween festivities for their guests. Skip explains why a Halloween camping trip makes perfect sense for kids and families of all ages. We’ll also take a brief look at thirteen destinations across America that families can visit for a haunting good time. Download

HCR-16-158 When Grandma Gatewood Took A Hike

Skip talks with book author Michelle Houts about her brand new children’s book “When Grandma Gatewood Took A Hike”. It’s an exciting story of a 67 year old woman who completed three journeys of the Appalachian Trail. Hear what inspired her to write the book, and where you can go to purchase a copy. Download

HCR-16-157 Charcoal vs. Gas Grilling

In this episode, Lori joins us in the studio to talk outdoor grilling. Having acquired a brand new six-burner propane grill, Skip weighs in on the choice between gas or charcoal grills at camp. Is one better than the other? We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each. Download

HCR-16-156 Mount Airy, North Carolina

In this week’s episode, Skip talks about the many sights and attractions in the town of Mount Airy, North Carolina, including the “Mayberry Days Festival”, going on all this week. For those who remember watching the Andy Griffith Show as a kid, Mount Airy is sure to bring back many of those wonderful memories. You’ll see why it’s a place to consider for a future camping trip. Download

HCR-16-155 Rest Stop Camping

Some campers travel more than a day to reach their camping destination. While spending the night at a public or private campground along the way would be an ideal situation, some motorists will use the convenience of an interstate rest area to catch up on some sleep. In this episode, we’ll examine some of the reasons why you should avoid using these facilities in place of lodging. Download

HCR-16-154 First Aid Kit Inventory

When was the last time you looked inside your First Aid Kit to take inventory and replace what’s missing or expired? At home or on the road, no one knows when an emergency will strike. In this episode, Skip talk about the importance of being prepared for those minor emergencies where a First Aid Kit comes in handy. Download

HCR-16-153 Camp Showers

Feeling refreshed is so very important during the summer months. In some cases, campers find themselves hitting the shower a couple times a day. When the temperatures are less than favorable, a refreshing shower is just what we need to feel better. This week, we’ll take a close look at campground showers, as well as some other options for showering at camp. Download

HCR-16-152 Campground Research and Reviews

The Internet has grown to become an awesome tool for researching camping destinations. This week, we’ll check out a few popular websites, including some of the important things to look for when selecting a place to go camping. This is also the first episode where Skip goes behind the controls of a brand new state of the art broadcast console here in our studio. You’ll definitely notice and love the enhanced sound quality. Download

HCR-16-151 Camping and the 4th of July Celebration

The Fourth of July brings out the best in summer activities, and with the 4th falling on a Monday this year, many campers will take advantage of the extended holiday weekend. In this week’s episode, Skip talks about one community that kicks off the July 4th festivities with a parade beginning at the stroke of midnight. Download

HCR-16-150 Local and Long Distance Camping

With summer upon us, the camping opportunities are endless. While some campers prefer to camp close to home for a weekend getaway, others are willing to venture out a distance to places they never knew existed. This week, Skip explains the importance of doing your research ahead of time in order to maximize your camping experience. Download

HCR-16-149 Camping and Leaving The Job Behind

For some people it can be tough to sever ties with the office while away on vacation. Constantly staying in touch with work can be detrimental to our wellbeing, including family life. This week, Skip shares some of his past experiences with work and vacation, and explains what you can do to maximize your time with family and the great outdoors. Download

HCR-16-148 Memorial Day Camping Fun

Although he would much prefer a camping atmosphere this weekend, Skip is joined in the studio by the lovely “Ms. Lori” to discuss Memorial Day camping. As many of us take time to enjoy an extended weekend of fun and activities, we also pause to remember the importance of Memorial Day, and to salute those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy. Download

HCR-16-147 Where Are Those Darn Keys?

Bad luck seems to strike at the worst possible moment. Imagine yourself far away from home and you suddenly discover your keys are missing. Having a spare set available will prevent a whole lot of aggravation and stress, especially when you’re out on the road. Listen in as Skip shares one of his own personal experiences from years ago, and what it ended up costing him when all was said and done. Download

HCR-16-146 Camping Etiquette: Quiet Hours

During any camping trip, there comes a time when we need to relax and fall asleep in our tents. At certain hours of the night, there are both written and unwritten rules we all need to consider when fellow campers are trying to sleep. On today’s show, we’ll take a look at some of the things you should avoid during “quiet hours”. Download

HCR-16-145 RV Camper Covers

Finally recovered from the flu, Skip is back behind the microphone. This week, we’re talking with “Len” from RV Camper Covers. As we all know, weather can wreck havoc on any type of vehicle, including RVs, no matter where you live. Len is here to tell us why it’s important to protect your investment. You’ll also learn how you can take advantage of a very special 10% discount on any RV Camper Cover, just for being a Happy Camper Radio listener. Download

HCR-16-144 Ready, Set, Camp!

Finding that you are missing or had forgotten certain things when you arrive at camp can be a very frustrating experience. With many folks venturing into the 2016 camping season, it’s very important to check your supplies and inspect your gear BEFORE you go. Listen in as Skip explains what you should do ahead of time to maximize your camping experience. You’ll also hear about a new broadcast platform coming real soon to the Happy Camper studio. Download

HCR-16-143 Safety and Security While Traveling

In Episode 143, Skip talks about ways to keep you and your family safe while traveling to and from a camping destination. Vacationers have a lot on their minds and it’s quite easy to let your guard down from time-to time. The last thing any of us want is to be the target of criminal activity. Listen in, as we share some useful safety tips to consider when heading out on your next camping trip. Download

HCR-16-142 Skip Talks With Robyn Chilson of Meadville KOA

This week, Skip is delighted to have Robyn Chilson of the award winning Meadville KOA campground back on the program. Listen in, as Robyn tells us what’s in store for the 2016 season, including some special events and activities their guests can look forward to. Download

HCR-16-141 Dealing With Stress

Dealing with everyday stress can be a challenge for many of us. At work, at home, even in the social world, stress can surely wreck havoc on our lives. The last thing any of us want is go camping and be stressed to the point where there’s no fun and relaxation in it. This week, Skip shares some of his personal experiences with stress, and what he does to make his camping trips more relaxing and enjoyable. Download

HCR-16-140 Family Reunion Camping

When was the last time you gathered together with distant relatives? A family reunion camp outing is a great place to spend time reliving some of those old long forgotten memories. In Episode 140, we’ll look at the economic benefits of organizing a camp reunion. Skip will also share some of his past experiences and times spent with family. Download

HCR-16-139 Camping and Travelling With Pets

After a much needed break, Skip is back in the studio this week to talk about one of his favorite subject matters. As a loving pet owner, it’s a joy to see fellow campers bring along their furry friends for a weekend visit to camp. If you love pets and you love to go camping, this is one episode you’re sure to enjoy. Download

HCR-16-138 Plotting Your Course: GPS and Paper Maps

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to locate a camping destination when you thought for sure you knew exactly where you were going. This week, we’ll examine some popular mapping programs that campers use to assist them in their travel, including the ever so popular GPS technology. Download

HCR-16-137 Deluxe Camping Products

In Episode 137, Skip talks with Michael Robertson of DeluxeCamping.com. In the world of camping every one of us are looking for new ways to improve our camping experience. On today’s show, Michael takes time to showcase the Deluxe Camp Sink and Deluxe Tent Shower, and explains how these quality products are beneficial to both the novice and veteran camper. Download

HCR-16-136 Camping and Bathroom Breaks

Like anywhere, none of us ever know when the call of nature will whisper in our ear. For primitive campers, heading to the restroom or bath house can be a quite a challenge, especially if your camp site is several hundred feet away. In Episode 136, we’ll take a look at what some campers are doing to make those frequent breaks a little easier for themselves and their family. Download

HCR-16-135 Meals and Favorite Camp Dishes

In his first performance on camera, Skip provides his listeners a look behind the scenes at Happy Camper Radio. Watch Skip as he delivers Episode 135 in front of the microphone. If you were unable to view the live show, you can watch it today on our website or social media pages. This week, it’s all about those breakfast, lunch and dinner time favorites. Listen in, as Skip tells you what’s on his grocery list, and how he goes about preparing some great tasting meals at camp. Download

HCR-16-134 Bedding Down: Camping vs. Comfort

Getting a great night’s sleep is one of the most important aspects of any camping trip. Some campers use a sleeping bag, some enjoy the comfort of climbing beneath the sheets and a warm comfortable blanket. There are several ways to achieve your ultimate rest during any camping vacation. In Episode 134, Skip talks about some hard lessons he learned along the way, and explains some of the dos and don’ts when if comes to bedding down for the night. Download