HCR-15-133 A Look Back at 2015

Christmas is less than a week away. As we prepare to share time with friends and family, we look back on some memorable moments of 2015, including some great interviews. Download



HCR-15-132 Camping Gift Ideas For 2015

Gary Sizer joins us in the studio this week. With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to give thought about what to buy the campers in your life. In today’s show, we’ll take a look at some great stocking-stuffer ideas, as well as a few gifts to consider placing under the tree. Download



HCR-15-131 The After Thanksgiving Show

Thanksgiving 2015 is in the history books. In this week’s show, Skip and Daniel reflect back on a fine Thanksgiving Day meal and all the preparations that went in to making the day a great success. Daniel finishes reading Gary’s new book “Where’s the Next Shelter”, and shares some of it’s highlights. Download



HCR-15-130 Thanksgiving and Black Friday Shopping. Gary Sizer Visits the Show

It’s Thanksgiving week, and many folks have a lot to look forward to. On today’s show, Skip and Daniel talk about Black Friday shopping. This year some companies are providing workers time off to spend with family and loved ones, while others are calling employees to work on Thanksgiving Day. Hear what they have to say about it. Also, Gary Sizer is back on the program this week, talking about his new book. And he already has plans to hit the hiking trail again. Download



HCR-15-129 Camp Heater Product Review

Skip bought a brand new tent heater and can’t wait to put it to use during his next camping trip in the north Georgia mountains. While the weather looks promising for his out-of-town trip this weekend, the night time temperatures do not. Skip had a recent opportunity to put his new heater to the test. Listen in and find out why he give this heater five stars and two thumbs-up. Download



HCR-15-128 Camping and Football

Even campers love setting aside time to enjoy the big game. And some even go as far as hauling in flat panel televisions and satellite dishes to their campsite for a weekend of college and pro football. In this week’s episode, Skip and Daniel discuss this popular trend and how it’s fitting in to the overall camping experience. Download



HCR-15-127 Timeshare Presentations

Popular vacation destinations offer plenty to see and do. In some places tourist may find themselves suddenly faced with a sales pitch that includes free gifts in exchange for attending a Timeshare presentation. While everyone enjoys something for free, travelers can easily be lured into signing up for something they may later regret. In this week’s episode, Daniel explains the high pressure sales presentation he attended while vacationing in Las Vegas, what he got out of it, and the reaction he received from the salesman when he declined their offer. Download



HCR-15-126 Halloween Camping Ideas

With Halloween falling on a Saturday this year, why not take the family on a camping trip where they can take in all the festive sights and sounds that the season has to offer?  Family friendly campgrounds have a long history of being a safe and secure environment for kids to enjoy Halloween. This week, we’ll check out one state that offers many attractions. Daniel is in the recording booth with one of his annual ghost stories. It’s all about Halloween camping on this edition of Happy Camper Radio. Download



HCR-15-125 Camping In The Dark

Nothing beats camping in an outdoor environment when weather conditions are perfect. But what happens when the power goes out unexpectedly in the comforts of your home? For many of us, our camping equipment can play a very important role during a winter storm, or in situations where the electricity may be off for an extended period of time. In Episode 125, we talk about some creative ways to put your camping gear to good use. Download



HCR-15-124 Vacations and Staycations

Daniel and his wife Diedra are back from a weeklong vacation in Las Vegas while Skip packed it in during several days of inclement weather back home. Since hanging out by the campfire was not an option this past week, Skip took in the grand opening activities at the new Gander Mountain store in Snellville, Georgia. And wait till you hear who he had the pleasure of meeting during their four-day event. It’s a great vacation and staycation discussion this week on Happy Camper Radio. Download



HCR-15-123 Camping and Amusement Parks

With summer 2015 behind us, it’s still not too late to plan a weekend getaway and take in the excitement and attractions at a nearby amusement park. Many are still open. In fact, some are open year round. This week, we’ll take a look at some popular locations across the country, including a few that have camping accommodations on site. Download



HCR-15-122 Campfires and Wildfires

Daniel is back in the studio to make up for lost time! In Episode 122, we’re discussing campfires and wildfires. For thousands of residents in California, life has changed dramatically in recent days. Dry vegetation and drought conditions have caused wildfires to spread across many acres of land. For some people, precious memories have been destroyed in the process. In this week’s show, we’ll be discussing campfire safety, and things you can do to keep your campfire under control. Download



HCR-15-121 Camping and Computing

After a major software malfunction tables Happy Camper Radio and Skip’s voiceover profession for more than two weeks, Skip knows all too well the importance of backing up critical files and folders from his computer. In Episode 121, we’ll explain why it’s important to back up your portable computer files while traveling, and things you can do to protect yourself when computing on the road. Download



HCR-15-120 “How To Hit The Road” With Kimberly Travaglino

In this week’s edition of Happy Camper Radio, full time traveler and author Kimberly Travaglino talks about her new book “How To Hit The Road”. Kimberly and her family have been living life in an RV for the past five years and enjoying every minute of it. Listen in as Kimberly explains the benefits and challenges that go along with a full time camping lifestyle. Download



HCR-15-119 Pie Iron Recipes

In this week’s edition of Happy Camper Radio, Darren Kirby talks about his new book “Pie Iron Recipes”. It is a must-have for any anyone who enjoys cooking food over an open flame. The book contains more than 100 delicious recipes that are easy to prepare, and there’s something in it for everyone. Listen in, as Darren tells us what inspired him to write the book, and where you can go to get a digital or printed copy, just in time for your next camping trip. Download



HCR-15-118 Outdoor Camping at Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park

This week, the Happy Camper Radio Show comes to you from the campground at Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park. Taking in the very best in outdoor camping is Skip’s niece Erica and her son Julius. Also joining us on the program this weekend is long-time Happy Camper co-host “Daniel” and his wife Deidra who happened to stop by for a surprise visit. Listen in, as we take a much deserved break from the studio, and enjoy an open discussion of camping from “Site 66”, at Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park Campground. Download



HCR-15-117 Hot Cars and Dangerous Temperatures

Many people don’t realize how dangerous it is to leave a small child or a pet in an unattended vehicle. Temperatures inside a locked car, even with the windows partially cracked can increase rapidly. This week, Skip shares some true stories, along with some useful tips to help keep your children and pets safe. Download



HCR-15-116 Kids and Camping: Keeping Them Engaged

Camping is one of the greatest outdoor recreational activities that kids can take part in. Keeping them motivated and interested can be somewhat challenging at times. This week, Skip explains the importance of allowing kids to be engaged in all aspects of camping. From buying gear to planning menus, to helping decide where to pitch a tent, youngsters who actively take part are more likely to make camping a part of their adult life. Download



HCR-15-115 Boating Under The Influence

Boating Under the Influence is a crime, and poses a serious threat to boaters, swimmers, and those who enjoy spending time along the shore.  In this week’s episode, Skip explains what law enforcement officers look for in determining if a boater is operating a vessel while intoxicated. We’ll also take a look at a couple of tragic events that occurred on the water, including one case that involved someone who was Boating Under the Influence. Download



HCR-15-114 Wildlife Preserves

Have you ever considered taking the family on a tour of a wildlife preserve? You may be surprised to learn there are several throughout the country, and no doubt, one or two located within driving distance of your campsite. In this week’s show, Skip talks about a few right here in Georgia, including one of his favorites. Download



HCR-15-113 Camping, Fireworks and the 4th of July

The Fourth of July weekend offers plenty of great opportunities to fellowship and make new friends in the world of camping. With the holiday falling on a Saturday this year, many people will be taking advantage of an extended weekend. In Episode 113, Skip talks about how advance planning helps to reduce stress, and ways you can avoid a costly speeding ticket while travelling to and from your camping destination. Download



HCR-15-112 Upgrading from Tent to RV

Tent campers often dream of what it would be like to transform from primitive camping to an RV lifestyle. But when is the right time to make that move? In this week’s show, Skip shares his experience in transitioning from a tent to a truck camper, and several thing you need to consider before making that purchase. Download



HCR-15-111 Get Ready For Pizza Night

One way to impress your family at camp this summer, is to serve up a delicious, piping hot pizza at meal time. There are so many ways to prepare and cook pizza at the campsite, and it’s one dish that is sure to keep them coming back for more. In this week’s show, we’ll take a look at some options of preparing and cooking your pizza at camp. Download



HCR-15-110 Camping and Bicycling in Ontario

In Episode 110, Stephen Crewson from Canada calls the show to discuss camping and bicycling in Ontario. Listen in as he explains what many of the campgrounds are doing to accommodate campers on bicycles, and some of the criteria that campgrounds must meet in order to become certified. Download



HCR-15-109 Camping Food, and Plenty Of It

This week, it’s all about those traditional camp favorites. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or an in between snack, nothing tastes better that the food prepared and cooked at the campsite. In this episode, we’ll take a look at some of those all time specialties that keep campers coming back for more. Download



HCR-15-108 Memorial Day Camping and Activities

Campgrounds will be quite busy this Memorial Day weekend. It’s a great time to get out and meet fellow campers while taking in plenty of activities, including parades and other events that honor those who have served in the armed forces. This week, Skip shares some ideas that are sure to keep you busy, whether at home, or on the go. Download



HCR-15-107 Camping and Snakes

The last thing any of us want on our minds while camping is to encounter a snake. While crossing the path of a snake is rare, we must understand that they do exist outside the comforts of home. On today’s show, I’ll tell you what to look for and what to do if you come face-to-face with one of those slithery creatures. Download



HCR-15-106 Cookin’ and Grillin’

In this week’s episode, it’s all about cookin’ and grillin’. With the warmer weather moving in, more and more people will be focused on outdoor food preparations. While some campers take a casual approach to preparing their meals, others put forth a great effort. If you’re ready to fire up the camp stoves and barbecue grills, be sure to catch this week’s edition of Happy Camper Radio. Download



HCR-15-105 Tim Raley Visits The Studio

This week, Happy Camper Radio listener Tim Raley drops by the studio. Tim is a primitive camper and reptile enthusiast. He departed Florida last week for a two month cross country journey to take in all that nature has to offer. Listen in, as Tim shares with us his background and what destinations he plans to visit. Download



HCR-15-104 Bicycling and Camping

There are many great ways to enjoy recreational activities at camp. Some people go to tremendous lengths to bring their bicycles to camp with them. In this week’s show, Skip talks about his experience growing up with a bike, and explains why bicycle safety is more important today than ever before. Download



HCR-15-103 Tents, Tents and Truck Tents

With tax season behind us, now would be a great time to consider buying that new family tent. And with an enormous selection available online and in the stores, Skip wastes no time in selecting his latest upgrade. For individuals wanting to buy a tent for the bed of their pickup, there’s great selections there too. It’s all about tent shopping, this week on Happy Camper Radio. Download



HCR-15-102 Campground Hosting

While spending your golden years as a full time camper, there are some great opportunities in becoming a campground host. It’s a wonderful way to meet people who enjoy camping just as much as you. This week, we take a look at what’s involved, including some lifestyle changes you can expect when living life on the road. Download



HCR-15-101 Listener Comments and Feedback

As renovations continue in the studio, Skip grabs his headphones and remote gear and steps outdoors. This week, the show comes to you from his back patio where the fireplace and Tiki-torches are lit. In Episode 101, we take time to share some of the great comments and feedback we received from our listeners in recent weeks. Download



HCR-15-100 Camping With Family, Friends and Relatives

To mark the 100th episode of the Happy Camper Radio Show, Skip welcomes his brother Rick and cousin Greg to the program.  One thing that all good campers have in common is the natural instinct to gather around a warm campfire and relive cherished memories. Throughout the show, Skip, Rick and Greg take time to reflect back on some their most memorable moments of years gone by. Download



HCR-15-099 Camping in Bear Country

In a very unusual move, Skip is podcasting this week from his hotel room at the Atlanta Airport Hilton Hotel as he attends voice conference “VOAtlanta2015”.  With the spring and summer camping season fast approaching, many families are beginning to make their vacation plans.  Some of these destinations will include bear country.  Although bear attacks are extremely rare, it’s very important that every camper follow all state and national park regulations as they relate to camping around bears.  This week, we look at some of the dos and don’ts, and provide useful tips to make your camping experience in bear country a safe one. Download



HCR-15-098 Start Camping With Little or No Cash

Camping for the very first time does not require a major investment.  In fact, some folks can get started with little to no out-of-pocket expense.  This week, Skip explains how new campers can purchase their initial gear for just under $100., as well as a creative way to buy some equipment with a unexpected cash rebate. Download



HCR-15-097 In-Home Camping

When winter weather is at its worst, many schools and businesses close, roads are unsafe, and people find themselves stuck at home.  Are you prepared for when the power goes out?  In this week’s episode, Skip explains how families can turn a bad winter event into a fun indoor camping experience.  We’ll check out some options for preparing hot food during the storm, and explain what you can do to help you and your family stay warm. Download



HCR-15-096 Pocket Knives

Pocket knives are a very common tool we carry as part of our camping experience.  Some are equipped with a wide variety of tools and other attachments.  Many people carry pocket knives as part of everyday life.  In this week’s episode, Skip talks about his experience throughout the years, how social attitudes have changed, and the importance of safety when it comes to using and carrying a pocket knife. Download



HCR-15-095 Building a Custom RV

Some folks in the camping world are going beyond making their dreams a reality by building and customizing their own RV.  In this week’s episode, we’ll talk with someone who recently acquired a boat trailer, and is now in the process of converting it to a travel trailer.  Listen in, as he describes how the project is coming along. Download



HCR-15-094 Camping Gear: Buying and Selling on Craigslist

Throughout the world, more and more people are using online retailers to purchase new camping products.  For individuals searching for used and refurbished equipment, popular sites like Craigslist allow buyers and sellers to connect.   But how safe it?  In this week’s episode, Skip puts his former law enforcement training to work, and explains the hidden dangers of connecting with people through online classifieds.  Listen in, as he explains what you can do to protect yourself. Download



HCR-15-093 Camping and Super Bowl XLIX

For many who never thought that Camping and Super Bowl went hand-in-hand, be sure to check out this special edition of Happy Camper Radio. When it comes to traveling across country to see the big game, not all fans are checking into hotel rooms. This week, Skip shares some of the discussions he had with local campground operators in and around Glendale, Arizona, including his own personal experiences of Super Bowl 2000. Download



HCR-15-092 Camp Fuel Safety

Campers are known to use a variety of fuel sources. For those who enjoy fall and winter camping, keeping your tent warm will consume much of the fuel you haul into camp. This week, Skip goes over some safety tips related to camp fuel, especially when it comes to handling and transporting propane. Download



HCR-15-091 Emergency Roadside Assistance

The last thing anyone needs is to be broke down at the side of the road while on vacation. In Episode 91, Skip talks about the benefits of having an Emergency Roadside Assistance Plan while traveling. Listen in as he explains why renting a vehicle makes perfect sense, especially if you drive an older model car that’s out of warranty. Download



HCR-15-090 Living Life on the Road

For many of us who love camping, we often wonder what it would be like to set our sights on the open road and travel full-time. In this week’s episode, we’ll be talking with someone who lives her life from the comforts of an RV. Hear what she has to say about it, the challenges involved, and what people can expect in living life on the road. Download



HCR-15-089 Tear Drop Campers

In Episode 89, Skip and Daniel kick off the new year by exploring the world of tear drop campers. Listen in as we talk with two of our guests who share the pleasures of owning a tear drop. And be sure to check out some of the pictures they provided on our Facebook page and website. Download