HCR-14-088 Meadville KOA Campground

In our final episode of 2014, Skip and Daniel talk with Robyn Chilson of the Meadville KOA campground in Pennsylvania. Robyn explains what it’s like to be a full-time campground owner, and the rewards that come with welcoming and entertaining guests in a family oriented environment. Download



HCR-14-087 Bracing For The Storm

One never knows what the weather has in store of us anytime we’re away from home. Being prepared for nature’s worst is so important when you’re traveling.  This week, we’ll take a look at some important things you may want to keep in your vehicle in the event you become stranded or break down. Download



HCR-14-086 Camp Kitchens

In this week’s episode, Skip and Daniel head straight to the food prep area to talk about building a custom camp kitchen. Some campers have been known to go all out when it comes to designing and building the camp kitchen that suits their personal needs. Also back on he show, is Gary Sizer who joins us on the phone from North Carolina. Download



HCR-14-085 Gary Sizer’s Journey of the Appalachian Trail

In the week’s episode of Happy Camper Radio, Gary Sizer joins us in the studio to share his hiking experience of the Appalachian Trail.  Embracing the journey that not too many people are able to complete, Gary finished his hike from Georgia to Maine in just five months.  In this special one hour episode, Gary talks about his adventure, the friends he made along the way, and a few close encounters he had while hiking the trail. Download



HCR-14-084 Gary Sizer Visits The Happy Camper Studio

Gary Sizer, who just completed his five month hike of the Appalachian Trail, drove down from Ashville, North Carolina to be with us in the studio.  Also joining us on the show this week is his lovely wife Katie, and Daniel’s wife Deidra. Listen in, as we discuss some Thanksgiving Day camping ideas, any why it makes good sense to consider a camping trip for the holidays. Download



HCR-14-083 Black Friday Camping

Some people go to great lengths to take advantage of holiday sale prices. And that includes camping out in front of a department store days before the Black Friday shopping season begins.  In this episode, we take a look at this strange and unusual form of camping. We talk about why people do it, and provide some safety tips to consider while camping out with other shoppers. Download



HCR-14-082 Camp Hiawassee; A Tribute to Jimmy Atkinson

This week, the Happy Camper Radio Show travels to the heart of the Chattahoochee National Forest in the North Georgia mountains, where Skip gathers together with friends for a weekend of fall camping.  Join us, as we sit by the fire and engage in great conversation.  In this week’s episode, we pause to remember a wonderful friend and fellow camper, Jimmy Atkinson, who founded this special campsite more than fifty years ago. Download



HCR-14-081 Getting Organized

In this week’s episode, Skip lays out his gear and talks about what it takes to be organized and ready to go for an upcoming camping trip.  An outdoor vacation, even just a simple two or three day getaway doesn’t have to be stressful.  Being prepared in advance with all your gear and equipment in arms reach means more time at camp, and less time struggling to get there. Download



HCR-14-080 Halloween Camping

With Halloween just days ahead, now would be a great time to consider a Halloween camp outing.  Many campgrounds offer a safe and friendly environment for children to enjoy a number of festive activities.  And the great news is, Halloween falls on a Friday this year. In this week’s show, we provide Halloween safety tips when trick or treating around home, and while camping. Check your local campgrounds for availabilities and activities close to where you live. Download



HCR-14-079 When Bad Weather Ruins Your Vacation Plans

With his own vacations plans going south at the last minute, Skip provides a wealth of ideas and suggestions on what families should consider in the event heavy rain and thunderstorms ruin a planned getaway.  It’s never a good thing when you have to break the bad news to your kids that a camping trip is being postponed. But with quality time already set aside, there are a number of indoor activities that families can engage in when the weather is ugly. Download



HCR-14-078 Alternative Camp Lighting

With Daniel vacationing in Florida this week, Skip is just days away from packing his gear and heading to the North Georgia mountains to relax and fellowship with many of his long time friends.  This week, we talk about alternative camp lighting, and the importance of adequate lighting both in and around camp.  Skip talks about his brand new pull along trailer, and we’ll give you an update on the Colby Fire in Glendora, California. Download



HCR-14-077 The Economic Sense of Camping

With vacation on the horizon and plans to check into a drab motel room, Daniel questions whether or not camping makes economic sense. He obviously picks the wrong person to debate the issue, as Skip allows him no room to argue.  Listen in, as Daniel explains why he has chosen to leave his camper parked in the driveway when he heads to Florida early next week. Download



HCR-14-076 Camping and Firearms

In Episode 76, Skip talks about firearms possession at camp.  In many public and private campgrounds, possession of firearms, with or without a permit, is prohibited.  However, a recent lawsuit in one local jurisdiction may bring about changes.  How do you feel about gun possession in a campground setting?  In this episode, we invite listeners to call in and share their thoughts on the matter. Download



HCR-14-075 Camp Ware or Paper Products

In Episode 75, Skip and Daniel discuss the use of paper products and good old fashion camp ware for serving food.  Learn why Skip carries both to each of his destinations, and the benefits and downside of going strictly paper plate and disposable plastic while camping. This week, long time Happy Camper Radio listener Jim Desjardins of Massachusetts joins us on Google Hangouts. Download



HCR-14-074 Camping Chairs, Quality or the Cheap Way Out

In Episode 74, Skip and Daniel discuss the importance of quality relaxation when sitting around the campfire or campsite itself.  Finding the right camping chair to accommodate your needs is something each of us need to consider.  Hear what Skip has to say about his experience with camping chairs, and why he chose to invest in gear that is sure to last many years. Download



HCR-14-073 Fire Starters; Getting Your Campfire Lit

In this week’s episode, Skip and Daniel go right to the heart of the campsite to discuss unique ways to light a campfire.  While many seasoned campers prefer building a fire from scratch, you may find the need for a fire starter or accelerant to bring your campfire to life.  Listen in as Skip shares some of his personal experiences, as well as important safety measures to take when lighting a fire. Download



HCR-14-072 Renaissance Festivals

Families are always looking for exciting and creative things to do during their vacation. This week, Skip & Daniel discuss Renaissance Festivals, and the historic atmosphere that draws thousands of visitors each and every year.  To highlight the discussion, Daniel’s friend Todd, an experienced festival performer, joins the conversation to share his background, and what campers can expect to see when they visit a show in their area. Download



HCR-14-071 Skip Visits Blue Ridge, Georgia

In this week’s show, Skip reflects back on his vacation in the north Georgia mountains, including his breathtaking trip aboard the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway. Hear what he has to say about his brief visit to this small community and why he is so anxious to go back. Also take time to browse through the many pictures he took, including the video shot on board the train. Check them out at: www.happycamperradio.com. Download



HCR-14-070 Military Style Camping

Ever wondered how soldiers in the military cope with the outdoors?  Camping in the military is definitely different from the camping lifestyle many of us are used to.  This week, Daniel welcomes friend and fellow soldier Byron Norris to the show to explain what it’s like to camp while serving in the armed forces. Download



HCR-14-069 Weathering the Storm; When Bad Weather Strikes

In this week’s episode we take a look at a recent storm that devastated a popular family campground off the shores of Chesapeake Bay in Virginia.  We’ll tell you what happened and what you can do to help out.  We’ll also take a look at some safety tips to consider in the event bad weather strikes while camping. Download



HCR-14-068 Year Round Camping

This week, our friend Gary Sizer checks in to the show from the Appalachian Trail in West Virginia. After hiking more than 1,000 miles into his journey, Gary sparks an interesting discussion when he asks Skip and Daniel if they could live life on the road and camp year round.  Wait till you hear what they have to say about it. Download



HCR-14-067 Backing an RV, Pop-Up Camper or Motor Home

Whether you’re driving a motor home, or pulling an RV or utility trailer behind your vehicle, visibility is an important factor in parking your equipment.  If you’ve recently purchased your first pop-up camper or RV, learning to back-up your rig takes both time and patience.  While some campers have been doing it for years, everyone starts out somewhere.  This week, Skip and Daniel talk up their experience on the show. Download



HCR-14-066 Fireworks Safety

Summer brings out the best in everyone, especially at camp.  When planning a camping trip around the 4th of July, many campers take in a professional fireworks display to wrap up their day of celebration.  Others, take pleasure in setting off their own fireworks.  In this week’s episode we focus our attention on the importance of safety when it comes to handling fireworks, and talk about some startling statistics related to accidents and mishaps that have occurred in recent years. Download



HCR-14-065 Camp Showers

Inclement weather finally made its way into Georgia on Saturday, putting a damper on our plans to participate in the Great American Backyard Campout.  The good news is, a slight break in the clouds did allow for a quick afternoon cookout just prior to recording the show.  In this week’s episode, we talk about showering at camp. While most families enjoy the convenience of a hot shower at a public or private campground, people who camp in the wilderness are often deprived of running water in which to bathe.  We’ll take a look at some creative options, as well as some of the neat showering products on the market. Download



HCR-14-064 Preparing For The Great American Backyard Campout

In preparing for this year’s campout, the discussion becomes entertaining as Daniel and Skip’s brother-in-law Jim connect to the show through Google Hangouts. Thinking he has the studio to himself, Skip receives an unexpected visit from expert party planner and football tailgater Lori, who makes a surprising pledge to support wildlife as part of this year’s event. It’s a fun-filled episode you won’t want to miss. Download



HCR-14-063 Camping With Cash, Debit and Credit

Everyone’s spending habits are different when it comes to paying for goods and services while camping. Some people prefer spending cash, others enjoy the convenience of plastic. In this week’s episode, we look at the issues of paying with cash, debit and credit. Is one method better than another?  We’ll look at it from several angles, and provide some safety tips to help you protect your hard earned money while vacationing. Download



HCR-14-062 Camping at Stone Mountain Park

This week, Skip and Daniel take the show on the road to the campground at Stone Mountain Park, located just east of Atlanta in Stone Mountain, Georgia.  Not often are we able to venture away from the studio to go camping with microphones in hand.  Listen in as family and friends gather together at Skip’s campsite for an open and friendly discussion. Download



HCR-14-061 Boating Safety

The summer camping season brings hot temperatures and lots of outdoor activities for the family to enjoy. Many people include boating as part of their recreational fun. If you’re planning to spend some time on the lake, it’s important to know the rules, and to be aware of your surroundings at all times while out on the water.  This week, we take a look at some basic safety measures that can help keep you and your family safe while boating. Download



HCR-14-060 Camping Budgets

Preparing a budget for a camping trip may seem like an easy task.  Besides fuel costs and campground fees, food expenses will eat up most of your budget. In Episode 60, we’ll take a look at some other expenses you might want to factor into your travel plans. Gary checks in again from the Appalachian Trail. Find out how far along he is in his journey. This week, we visit the state of Montana for our featured campground of the week. Download



HCR-14-059 The Long Road Ahead; Travelling with Kids

In this week’s episode we talk about preparing for the long road ahead. If your camping destination requires more than a day of travel time, it’s important to keep your kids as comfortable as possible. We’ll take a look at some of the things you can do to prepare for your venture. Gary Sizer calls the studio while hiking the Appalachian Trail. Hear what he has to say and find out how far he is along the path. Download



HCR-14-058 Insect Bites

Spring and summer months bring lots of enjoyment and activities in the camping world. Along with the fun are many uninvited guest, including mosquitoes, wasps, hornets, ticks, ants and bees. You can either roll out the red carpet or keep them at bay by properly protecting yourself and your family. In this week’s episode, we discuss some things you can do to help keep the bugs away. Download



HCR-14-057 It’s Grilling Season!

With several months of spring and summer weather to look forward to, now is the time to prepare for some outdoor cooking, and that awesome taste of food that is cooked on the grill.  Campers everywhere can agree that you can’t beat the aroma and flavor of food that is prepared at a campsite. In this episode, Skip and Daniel talk about their outdoor grilling experiences, along with some safety tips to share. Download



HCR-14-056 Happy Camper Radio One Year Anniversary

Today marks the first anniversary of Happy Camper Radio.  In Episode 56, Skip and Daniel take time out to reflect back on some of their most memorable moments of this past year. Download



HCR-14-055 Let’s Talk Camping

In Episode 55, Skip and Daniel gather around the fire for some general camp conversation.  A caller weighs-in with some thoughts and ideas for the show, and Daniel talks up his vacation plans this week in Callaway Gardens. Download



HCR-14-054 Interacting With Law Enforcement Officers

At some point in our travels, we will not doubt have an interaction with a law enforcement officer. In this week’s episode, Skip looks back on his eighteen year law enforcement career, and shares some of his experience in working with the general public. Learn what to do, and what not to do if stopped for a traffic related offense. Hear what he has to say about police impersonators, what to look for, and things you can do to keep you and your family safe. Download



HCR-14-053 Campground Weddings

In this special one-hour episode of Happy Camper Radio, the ladies take to the microphone to weigh-in on Skip’s topic of Campground Weddings.  And one of them is not too receptive of the idea.  For engaged couples who enjoy the life of camping and spending time with nature, see why exchanging vows at a campground may be the way to go.  Join us for this lively and informative discussion as we explore the benefits of tying-the-knot at camp. Download



HCR-14-052 Campsite Safety and Security

This week, Skip and Daniel return to camp to talk about safety and security.  Most people will agree that family oriented campers have the utmost respect for other people’s personal belongings.  While spending time away from your campsite, it’s always a safe bet to lock up items of extreme value.  We’ll take a look at different camping environments, and identify some of the things that are best stored away from public view. Download



HCR-14-051 Disc Golf

In the world of camping, people are always looking for new destinations and fun things to do. This week, Skip kicks back as Daniel takes center stage to discuss his passion for disc golf.  But is it enough to get Skip out of his camping chair and away from the fire long enough to actively participate?  Hear what he has to say about it and how it differs from pro golfing. Download



HCR-14-050 Cell Phones and Electronic Devises at Camp

The conversation becomes lively this week when Daniel returns to camp….and brings his wife Deidra to weigh-in on the discussion.  In this episode, we debate the use of cell phones and other electronic devises at camp.  Is modern technology so much a part of our everyday life that we can’t escape its powerful addiction, even during a short camping trip?  Hear what they have to say, and find out why Skip would much rather leave all the electronic gadgets at home. Download



HCR-14-049 Truck Tents

Truck owners who require few or a limited number of accomodations while camping may want to consider a “truck tent” for their overnight camping needs.  Truck tents are extremely popular among some campers, and are available in a wide range of colors, styles and designs.  This week, we look at the advantages and disadvantages of truck tent camping, including safety concerns and where to buy. Download



HCR-14-048 Stocking Your RV: A State of Readiness

Daniel is back!  In this week’s episode, Skip reflects on his days of owning a truck camper.  We discuss what it takes to stock and prepare your RV for the road ahead, and identify some things you can store on-board in anticipation of your trip.  We talk about some of the supplies and non-perishable food items you can pack ahead of time, as well as maintenance issues to consider.  Taking the time to prepare now means more time camping by the lake, and less time getting ready for your upcoming trip. Download



HCR-14-047 Frostbite and Hypothermia

Camping and hiking in the winter requires special preparation.  Regardless how much time you spend in the cold, it’s important to be ready for any sudden change in temperature.  While spending time in the winter weather can be a memorable experience, some people choose to avoid it altogether.  In this week’s episode we look at the causes of frostbite and hypothermia, and what you can do to avoid becoming a victim. Download



HCR-14-046 Weather Emergencies: Are Campers Better Prepared?

During a second blast of winter weather that hit the southeast last Tuesday, many residents took warning and remained indoors. However, hundreds of people were not expecting to be without electricity for several hours.  Some were in the dark for several days.  Reacting to a weather related crisis at home may be easier for people who camp.  How would you respond to a winter weather event, with no electricity and no heat inside your residence?  Would your camping instincts start to kick in?  We’ll talk about this week in Episode 46. Download



HCR-14-045 Car Camping: When Faced With An Emergency

You never know when an emergency situation will cause you to take shelter in the very automobile you drive. On January 28, 2014, thousands of metro Atlanta motorists were forced into that situation when snow and freezing rain blanketed roads and interstates. Not only were people unprepared for a night of cold weather, several school children were forced to spend the night on school buses. Vehicles ran out of gas. Many stranded motorists went without food and water for nearly a day. In Episode 45, Skip describes his experiences that night, as he too was caught up in the massive gridlock that caught many unsuspecting people by surprise. Find out what he did to survive the night, and learn how you can prepare yourself for an unexpected camping trip on the road. It’s a special one-hour episode of the Happy Camper Radio. Download



HCR-14-044 Upgrading to Propane

In Episode 44, Skip looks at the idea of upgrading to propane. With the cost of camp fuel skyrocketing, and the lack of duel-fuel equipment in his camping inventory, the possibility of transitioning to propane from liquid fuel is becoming closer to a reality in 2014. But is he willing to part ways with this old lanterns that have been holding up well these past twenty years? Download



HCR-14-043 Campfires and Wildfires

In this week’s episode, we examine the recent wild fire in Glendora, California, reportedly caused by a campfire that got out of control.  We look at the damage and destruction caused by it, including the many state and local resources needed to bring the fire under control. We also visit two important websites where campers can find forecast information and weather conditions before heading out to camp. Download



HCR-14-042 Portable Generators

In this week’s episode, we take a look at the conveniences and hidden dangers associated with portable generators. In the camping world, generators are known to provide electricity to operate things like air conditioners, TVs and other appliances. They are often used at times when electrical service is otherwise not available. Join us, as we explore some of the benefits and safety issues in owning an operating a generator, both at home, on the road, and while camping. Download



HCR-14-041 New Year Camping Resolutions

With 2013 behind us, it’s now time to focus on our goals for the year ahead. In this week’s show, Skip runs down a list of resolutions and ideas to enhance to your life in the world of camping. Haven’t set a goal 2014? It’s never to late to begin. Set a target date, and begin working on your 2014 camping resolution today. Download