Happy Camper Radio LogoHappy Camper Radio was created for the purpose of encouraging and promoting family oriented style camping. In a society where many people find themselves struggling with family life and the need to handle complicated issues on a daily basis, it can be difficult at times to factor in the quality time necessary to spend with our families.  The HCR podcast was created by seasoned camper and outdoorsman Skip Huber.  Whether you’re new to camping, or someone who has enjoyed the spirit of outdoor living for many years, we welcome you to join us by the campfire.  The Happy Camper Radio Show provides quality outdoor camping entertainment to listeners both young and old.  Just getting started?  Join us as we explore the latest in outdoor camping equipment.  Find out how you and your family can begin your camping journey, even if money is tight.  Looking for places to visit? Public campgrounds are always in abundance and often times never far away.

The Happy Camper Radio podcast is family friendly.  That means we never discuss or talk about sensitive issues that may be offensive to some listeners.  We’ll never ask that you take a moment to have your children leave the room.   At HCR, we recognize and promote family values.  The family is an institution like no other.  It cannot be replicated, nor can it be replaced or substituted.  That’s why we encourge family involvement in every aspect of your camping venture.  From planning a trip, to buying new gear, or simply going out to pick up some replacement mantles for your lantern, involving your family will keep their momentum, and their camping spirits, up and running every step of the way.

In some families, camping is a legacy. The outdoor spirit has moved them for many generations. We at Happy Camper Radio recognize and salute the millions of people out there who continue to carry on this honorable family tradition.  I want to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you who have taken the time to visit our website.  Don’t miss a single episode of the Happy Camper Radio podcast.  Bring the family along and take part in our show.  And always remember this…. there are many good people in this world today.  The nicest people you will ever meet, you’ll find at a campground!

Happy Camping!